Digital Ocean Bank

Digital Ocean Bank is a licensed commercial bank based in
Vanuatu. It is committed to providing international financial
services to emerging middle class Chinese, such as the
opening of US dollar accounts, transfers, remittances, dollar
financing, trading of US stocks, and trust business.
The outstanding features include convenient capital transfer,
24-hour Chinese customer service online.

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IDG capital strategic investment

Headquartered in Vanuatu

Focus on personal banking

Support offshore business banking


Why Choose Digital Ocean Bank?



Regulated by Reserve Bank of Vanuatu.



The RBV financial license has become a new trend in the global foreign exchange industry.As one of the few highly-developed offshore financial zones in the world, Vanuatu's financial industry is being strongly supported by the government nowadays.



With British financial partners' support, Digital Ocean Bank is empowered with certain commercial elasticity and reliability in terms of service quality and standards.

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